Unlocking Smiles: What is the Real Soul of a Company

As CEO of Grupo Bernardo da Costa I am proud to have established Portugal’s first Happiness Department within our company. To me happiness transcends mere smiles; it is a profound concept that each individual strives to achieve in their lifetime, including in the workplace.

It’s commonly acknowledged that joy stems from various sources like family, friends, and financial stability. Yet happiness in the workplace isn’t often included in this list. Considering that we spend a third of our lives working, why shouldn’t our jobs also be a source of pleasure and contentment? In our company, happiness means having the openness to be heard. It’s not about everything being perfect all the time, but having the space to communicate when things aren’t going well. Happiness is about communication, authenticity, and being true to oneself.

Sofia Manso, who leads our Happiness Department, plays a crucial role in listening to and being there for our people.

The concept of organisational happiness at Grupo Bernardo da Costa revolves around creating an environment where employees feel valued and heard.

We believe that when employees are genuinely satisfied, they not only excel in their roles but also contribute to a positive, nurturing workplace culture.

This approach has led to numerous benefits, including increased productivity, lower turnover rates, and a stronger sense of community within the company. By prioritising employee well-being, we are fostering a culture where both personal and professional growth are encouraged.

Our commitment to happiness is built on the understanding that people are at the core of any business. At Grupo Bernardo da Costa we strive to ensure that every team member can find meaning and joy in their work. This is not just about providing perks or superficial benefits; it’s about deeply integrating happiness into the fabric of our organisational structure. Our focus on authentic happiness helps us attract top talent who are not just looking for a job but a place where they can truly belong and thrive.

In conclusion, the soul of a company lies in how it treats its people and the values it upholds. At Grupo Bernardo da Costa we view the happiness of our employees as a vital component of our success. By establishing the Happiness Department we have taken a significant step towards redefining what it means to be happy at work.

This initiative is not only enhancing our company’s productivity but also setting a standard for others in the industry to follow, proving that happiness in the workplace is not just a possibility but a vital part of a successful business model.

by Ricardo Costa, CEO of Grupo Bernardo da Costa

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