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The most important success factor for a modern workplace is strategy or planning or business processes – it’s happiness!

Happy employees are not simply in a better mood, they also do a much better job. Studies from psychology and neurology have shown that people who experience positive emotions experience a number of benefits at work, including these:

  • They are more productive and work faster and more efficiently
  • They get sick less often and have  much lower absenteeism rates
  • They are more creative and have more and better ideas
  • They stay at the company longer saving huge efforts in recruiting new people
  • They sell more when in sales roles
  • They make the customers happy and more loyal to the company

All of this means that happy companies are more profitable and have higher growth rates and stock prices than the market average.

Why should this be? There are three main reasons why happy companies are more successful.

1: Happy organizations are more innovative

Harvard Professor Teresa M. Amabile’s research into how the work environment influences the motivation, creativity, and performance of individuals and teams shows that happy people are more creative:

If people are in a good mood on a given day, they’re more likely to have creative ideas that day, as well as the next day, even if we take into account their mood that next day.

There seems to be a cognitive process that gets set up when people are feeling good that leads to more flexible, fluent, and original thinking, and there’s actually a carryover, an incubation effect, to the next day.

The Gallup Management Journal agrees, and finds that,

59% of happy employees strongly agreed with the statement that their current job “brings out their most creative ideas,” compared with only 3% of unhappy employees.

So if innovation and creativity matter to your business, you need happy employees.

2: Happy people are more motivated

Every leader wants motivated employees. Every employee wants to be motivated. And yet we often see managers complaining that their employees are impossible to get going, and workers complaining that their managers don’t motivate them and don’t know what makes them tick.

It’s not the job of the manager to motivate employees. That is impossible. It’s a manager’s job to create a happy work environment in which employees are naturally motivated.

Think about it: How difficult must it be to motivate people who are dissatisfied, disappointed, distrustful, disengaged and unhappy at work. It’s an uphill battle all the way.

An article from Harvard Business School put it like this:

Most companies have it all wrong. They don’t have to motivate their employees. They have to stop demotivating them.

Happy employees need no external motivation—they motivate themselves and each other, and this internal motivation is both more efficient and more sustainable than the external motivation (such as rewards) that managers of unhappy employees must resort to.

If you want true motivation in the workplace, you must create a happy workplace. It’s that simple!

3: Happy employees deliver better customer service

A recent Harvard Business Review article entitled “Putting the Service-Profit Chain to Work” concluded that:

When companies put employees… first, their employees are satisfied, their customers are loyal, their profits increase, and their continued success is sustained.[1]

Good, genuine customer service comes only from happy employees. Unhappy employees can try to fake it, but it’ll be just that: Fake service.

The math is a little strange on this one: One happy employee can give ten customers a good experience. Ten unhappy employees can’t give one customer a good experience—what they can do is give 100 customers a bad experience.

So research clearly shows that companies should embrace happiness because it’s good for business. But there is one other, even more fundamental reason: Making people happy is good, making them unhappy is just plain wrong!

There are workplaces out there that run their people down, make them stressed and ill, destroy their sense of worth, are havens for bullies, and allow all kinds of harassment. Though it is rarely intentional, these workplaces still make their people unhappy, and mentally and physically ill.

I have no idea how leaders and managers of these businesses can live with themselves. They may hide behind the old argument that companies should only care about money—or, as Milton Friedman said it, “The business of business is business.” However, I hope I’ve convinced you that this is a false argument because happy businesses make more money.

There is no longer any excuse for tolerating an unhappy work environment, when it’s more profitable to create one that is inspiring, uplifting, healthy and happy—one that is good for people and good for business.

[1]   Source: http://hbr.org/2008/07/putting-the-service-profit-chain-to-work

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Life doesn’t come with instructions on how to live and be happy, but in Matosinhos it happens in a special way all year round: with unique sunsets seen from white sandy beaches, extraordinary flavours and the best fish in the world, the biggest pilgrimage in Portugal and paths to stroll along the seafront or the riverbank, good waves and good winds, remarkable art and architecture that is admired worldwide, centuries-old traditions, history and stories that have always connected us to the world, and all this side by side with the sea and the local people who make a point of staying here and whom everyone welcomes as “good neighbours of Matosinhos”.

And it is because of all this, and much more, that Matosinhos today offers everyone who lives, invests, works or visits here a transversal and multidimensional quality of life!

We pride ourselves on being welcoming and that’s why we invite everyone to make the most of this area, which is a sea of opportunities all year round. A dynamic and innovative territory from an economic point of view, with a privileged location, a seafront, and a riverfront with unique conditions. A city with a vast network of facilities, spaces and a complete and close global offer in key areas such as health and well-being, education, commerce, culture and public and private services, research, and development. A municipality with urban spaces that invite the use of soft mobility, a seaport that connects us to the world and a public transport network that connects us internally and externally to the entire municipality and the neighbouring municipalities of Greater Porto.

Boosting the current growth dynamic, accompanying, and improving the existing offer in terms of the quality and sustainability of the infrastructures, the quality of the urban space and the activities and experience of the city, is the strategy in progress with our eyes set on a future that is already tomorrow and in which Matosinhos will always be the sea all year round.

by: CMM

No company can function at maximum efficiency when only half of its employees are motivated. A company is essentially comprised of its people.

But what compels them? What inspires them? What brings them joy? What discourages them from leaving?

Companies consistently require new hires who can enhance performance, which often entails a lengthy process and associated expenses.

What if we could evaluate an employee’s profile right from the beginning, during the selection and recruitment phase?

What if we could forecast and gauge the satisfaction levels of those who are already part of the organization?

What if we could anticipate the likelihood of an employee choosing to leave the organization voluntarily?

Yes, it is possible!

With our insights, you’ll have the ability to attract and retain top-notch professionals, all while reducing costs for the company.

When we emphasize the importance of placing people at the centre of our business, humanizing human resources, and forging a robust connection between the company and its workforce, we’re referring to HXM Analytics – Human Experience Management Analytics.


An expert analytics team has created models equipped with algorithms that analyse and correlate this wealth of data, allowing them to forecast multiple metrics, including happiness, engagement, and the probability of employee turnover, among various others. Employees are categorized into Personas, which are linked to their journey within the company, starting from the moment they onboard.

Through the integration of analytical models within the HXM database, one can compute the level of engagement and the likelihood of attrition based on different Personas. If this issue is prevalent among companies, HXM Analytics forms a component of the solution.

With the passage of time, motivations and behaviours may evolve. HXM Analytics is capable of analysing and forecasting these impending changes.

What if you could foresee your employees’ future?

Tomorrow might just become today.

About Milestone

Milestone presents a wide range of consulting services and technological solutions to support our clients’ digital transformation closely and effectively. We Build Relationships. We deliver Results.

Our mission is to create a positive impact for our customers and a better future for our employees through agility, innovation, and technology.  

Our vision is to be recognized as best-in-class by our customers and partners, allowing us to attract the best talent.  

We are experts in technology and knowledgeable about our customers’ businesses.  

We believe people are part of nature and that they must therefore be part of the solution to tackle climate change and reverse the loss of biodiversity. At ANP|WWF, our mission is to build a future in which people and nature live in harmony.

That’s why, when Lionesa Business Hub challenged us to take part in the Happiness Camp, we didn’t think twice! We celebrate and respect diversity in nature and among the people and communities we work with every day for a healthier and fairer planet.

Happiness can be a difficult concept to explain, as it represents different things in each person’s life. But let’s face it: there is always unanimity when we talk about protected species and ecosystems. If we make our planet a happy place, people will be happy too!

At ANP|WWF we advocate a culture of well-being, respect, and integrity among all people. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to change mentalities, involving our team and all those who support us in our mission, and encouraging everyone to bring their whole selves to work on a daily basis.

Why do we do this? Because everything is interlinked with our nature conservation work: we want to live happily on a healthy planet!

Happy Jobs, Happy Sustainable Food, Happy Planet – is it possible to combine all these concepts into one? We believe so! Our motto for Happiness Camp 2023 will be sustainable food and the benefits it brings to people and the planet.

Will you accept the challenge?


Corporate Happiness, what are the goals? Corporate Happiness has the main goal of creating meaningful workplaces. All are leaders in their role, fostering positive cultures that generate talent, impact and purpose.

The professional dimension takes a large part of our daily lives and time. The corporate world has witnessed a paradigm shift in the way we see the role of work in our lives. Nowadays, the new generations want work to be an extension of who they are.

Banco Credibom has invested in the development of several internal initiatives that promote the well-being and happiness of employees in the organization. Credibom’s strategy, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), aims to develop a work environment and an organization that promotes the daily happiness of its employees. The distinction of the Great Place to Work and Best Workplace 2023 awards demonstrate the positive impact of this continuous process that has been developed.

Through initiatives such as Fruit Time, the celebration of employees’ birthdays, Breakfast with CEO, podcast “Ask the CEO” and, more recently, the reformulation of the layout of Credibom’s offices in Porto Salvo and Porto, the organization has worked to promote the happiness of its employees. In addition, Credibom through the Internal Communication area, recently launched the “Happiness Program”, which aims to promote and measure the company’s corporate happiness, putting people at the center. Gilbert Ranoux, CEO of Banco Credibom, highlights the importance of corporate happiness for the overall success of the organization: “We believe that, by creating work cultures that inspire a common purpose, through simplicity, we will enhance the levels of commitment and well-being of employees. Leadership 2.0 promotes a set of human skills that bring out the best in employees. This common purpose, as a team, is fully aligned with our Raison d´être: to win the preference of customers and partners through the simplicity and joy of working with us.”

Credibom will be present at the Happiness Camp 2023, which will take place at Alfândega do Porto, and will have a space in the Smile Hub to share the good practices that have been developed to promote happiness in the organization: Credibom, Happy days, everyday 

Come and join us at the Happiness Camp 2023!

By: Credibom

Time to huddle up, because we’re about to uncover the story of how Nutrium Care came to be.

Picture this: André Santos, an IT student who had overweight issues for many years, goes to a nutritionist and has the worst experience ever. He left with the promise of return in 3 months’ time and a paper saying “chicken breast”, “vegetables”, and “2 liters of water”.

Imagine the outcome: none. But this made André think “What if there was an app with a complete meal plan and recipes? What if he would send me messages motivating me in between appointments?”

So he gathered a team of other IT students and Nutrium was born! A nutrition software that is now a market leader present in over 40 countries and is used by over 250,000 nutritionists.

After years of collaborating with nutritionists, in 2018 Nutrium began providing nutritional support to their own employees, and the results were incredible!

Think remarkable weight loss, higher energy levels, better sleep, and an overall sense of “I’m winning at life”. The team was amazed and decided they had to take these results to other companies!

So Nutrium created Nutrium Care, a wellness program that’s tailor-made for companies. The program allows every employee to achieve their health goals, with the help of expert nutritionists who provide appointments and give real-time motivation and help through a mobile app.

And, to ensure that the results have long-term effects, Nutrium Care includes webinars on hot topics, workshops to teach them how to cook healthy recipes, and newsletters with healthy tips.

In companies like Vodafone, Randstad, AGEAS, and many more, we have been seeing great impact in employee’s health, productivity and motivation. The result? Companies reduce absenteeism and health costs. They get healthier, happier, and more productive staff. It’s a win-win for everyone. Nutrium Care’s mission is simple: to make the world healthier, one company at a time. If you’re curious, you can meet them at the Happiness Camp!

By: Nutrium Care

A realm of knowledge, warm hospitality, and innovation, Porto, the Invicta city, stands as a resilient and hopeful urban centre, embracing forthcoming challenges.

The Municipality’s economic strategy aims not only to enhance the city’s economic allure and that of the broader region, but also to foster social cohesion and the well-being of those who live, work, and visit Porto. This is the key to securing Porto’s sustainable development, where the harmony of happiness and economy thrives.

The city of talent

Porto’s been catching the eye of companies near and far, turning into a real hotspot for success and growth. And hey, it’s not just about the spot-on location. Porto’s got top-of-the-line infrastructure, cost-friendly vibes, and an awesome quality of life. Plus, it’s got some seriously top-tier schools, universities, and polytechnics known worldwide. No wonder students and businesses looking for top-notch talent are drawn to this place.

But there’s more to the story. The Porto City Council has a hands-on approach through its TERA initiative, creating an education-focused scene. The initiative’s not just aiming to attract talent by understanding the job scene in the city; it’s also building up a rad environment for learning and innovation. And what about those who pick Porto as their base? The city’s all in to help power up their careers.

Discover the most exciting companies to work in Porto

InvestPorto has created a network of the city’s happiest and most captivating companies, so we can all know who’s getting the job well done!

The Porto Leading Investors are, for now, 39 companies that represent the innovation, competitiveness, and excellence of the city, helping to consolidate Porto as an international talent hub.

You may recognise some of these 39 Porto Leading Investors; they don’t go unnoticed. Between recruitment events, initiatives and projects, as well as local opportunities, the Porto Leading Investors drive the city and the region.

We are all entrepreneurs

ScaleUp Porto is an initiative that aims to project Porto’s entrepreneurial ecosystem as a national and international reference. Porto isn’t just a destination; it’s a journey of transformation led by visionary individuals who are united by a common goal: to make their mark on the world through the power of entrepreneurship.

Being an incubator for startups and a fertile ground where innovation takes root and thrives, Porto’s entrepreneurial ecosystem seeks to nurture the seeds of creativity. The local entrepreneurial spirit is a force to be reckoned with, helping to reshape the city’s business landscape.

Entrepreneurs here are the pioneers, the risk-takers who refuse to be confined by conventional wisdom. It’s this audacious spirit that’s putting Porto on the map as a city where taking risks is just part of the journey. Here in Porto, we are all entrepreneurs.


In the digital age, building a strong, memorable, and happy brand is more important than ever. With the constant buzz of social media at our fingertips, it’s essential for companies to leverage these platforms to create a joyful and positive online presence. In this article, we’ll explore how you can harness the power of social media to build a brand that not only resonates with your audience but also leaves them smiling.

Know Your Audience: Create Content That Resonates

To craft a happy brand, it’s vital to know and understand your target audience. Dive deep into their demographics, preferences, and pain points. With this information, you can create content that resonates with them and sparks joy. By showcasing your brand’s personality and values through engaging, relatable, and shareable content, you’ll leave your audience eager for more.

Inspire with Uplifting Stories and Visuals

In a world often filled with negativity, people crave uplifting and positive content. Share stories that showcase the brighter side of life or highlight acts of kindness and compassion. Don’t shy away from using vibrant colors, eye-catching visuals, and emotive imagery that evoke happiness and positivity. By creating a feel-good factor in your content, you’ll encourage your audience to associate your brand with happy experiences.

Embrace the Art of Humor

Laughter is the best medicine, and humor is a powerful tool in creating a happy brand. By incorporating humor into your social media content, you’ll not only entertain your audience but also make your brand more relatable and memorable. Whether it’s through witty captions, funny memes, or hilarious videos, make sure your humor aligns with your brand’s voice and appeals to your target audience.

Engage, Engage, Engage!

Building a happy brand isn’t just about posting content—it’s also about creating genuine connections with your audience. Encourage interaction by asking questions, hosting polls, and responding to comments and messages. Show your audience that you genuinely care about their thoughts and opinions, and they’ll be more likely to develop a positive emotional connection with your brand.

Partner with Influencers Who Share Your Happy Vibe

Influencer partnerships can help amplify your brand’s reach and create a buzz around your happy message. Collaborate with influencers who share your brand’s values and have a positive and uplifting online presence. By aligning with like-minded influencers, you can reinforce your brand’s happy image and tap into new audiences who share your passion for positivity.

Celebrate Your Community: Showcase Happy Customers

What better way to create a happy brand than by showcasing the happiness of your own customers? Share user-generated content that highlights your customers’ positive experiences with your brand. This not only fosters a sense of community but also serves as social proof, showing potential customers that your brand is a source of happiness for others.

In Conclusion: Spread Joy Through Your Social Media Presence

By leveraging social media to build a happy brand, you can create a positive online presence that resonates with your audience and leaves them feeling good. From understanding your audience to embracing humor and engaging with your community, follow these tips to create a brand that truly sparkles with joy. So go forth and spread happiness—one post, tweet, or story at a time!

Laughter is a universal language that transcends barriers and connects people. It can also be a powerful tool when it comes to leadership and team dynamics. In this article, we’ll explore how harnessing the power of humour can enhance your team’s leadership, foster a positive work environment, and boost overall productivity.

Building Rapport and Trust

Laughter is an excellent way to break the ice and build rapport within a team. By incorporating humour into interactions and communication, leaders can quickly establish a connection with their team members. This shared laughter creates a sense of camaraderie and trust, paving the way for open and honest dialogue. When team members feel comfortable with their leaders, they’re more likely to share their ideas, concerns, and suggestions.

Reducing Stress and Boosting Morale

The modern workplace can often be stressful, with deadlines, high expectations, and demanding tasks. By using humour, leaders can help alleviate stress and lighten the mood. Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, which not only reduce stress but also create a sense of well-being. As a result, humour can boost team morale, leading to increased motivation and productivity.

Encouraging Creativity and Problem Solving

Humour is a catalyst for creativity, as it encourages individuals to approach problems from different angles and think outside the box. By fostering a light-hearted atmosphere, leaders can inspire their team members to come up with innovative solutions and ideas. Furthermore, humour makes it easier to discuss complex or challenging topics, as it can disarm tension and create a more open and receptive environment.

Enhancing Communication and Conflict Resolution

Effective communication is essential for successful leadership, and humour can play a significant role in facilitating clear and open dialogue. By using humour strategically, leaders can convey important messages in a way that is engaging and memorable. Additionally, humour can defuse tension and help resolve conflicts, as laughter brings people together and promotes a sense of unity.

Demonstrating Adaptability and Emotional Intelligence

A leader who can effectively use humour demonstrates adaptability and emotional intelligence. These qualities are critical for navigating the ever-changing demands of the workplace and understanding the needs and emotions of team members. By employing humour, leaders show that they’re not only capable of adapting to different situations but also empathetic and attuned to the emotions of others.

Tips for Incorporating Humour into Leadership

To harness the power of humour in your team’s leadership, keep these tips in mind:

Know Your Audience: Understand your team’s preferences and boundaries when it comes to humour. What may be funny to some could be offensive to others. Always be mindful of the diverse backgrounds and sensitivities within your team.

Be Authentic: Don’t force humour if it doesn’t come naturally to you. Instead, find your own unique style and use it to connect with your team.

Timing is Key: Use humour appropriately and strategically. While laughter can be a powerful tool, there are times when it’s not appropriate or could be perceived as insensitive.

Learn from the Best: Observe leaders and speakers who excel at using humour and learn from their techniques. This will help you hone your skills and incorporate humour more effectively into your leadership style.

In Conclusion: Laughter, the Secret Ingredient for Effective Leadership

Harnessing the power of humour in your team’s leadership can have a lasting impact on rapport, trust, morale, and productivity. By incorporating laughter into your leadership style, you’ll create a positive work environment that fosters creativity, open communication, and a strong sense of unity. So, go ahead and share a joke, a witty remark, or a funny story—it just might be the secret ingredient.

In a world where societies are increasingly measured by economic progress, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has chosen to chart a different path. They’ve embarked on a mission to prioritize the happiness and wellbeing of their citizens, leading the way by appointing a Minister of Happiness & Wellbeing. This innovative approach is shaping the future of what it means to be a successful nation, putting human happiness at the forefront of development.

A Bold Move Towards Joy

In 2016, the UAE appointed Ohood Al Roumi as the world’s first Minister of Happiness & Wellbeing. This groundbreaking decision signaled the nation’s commitment to fostering a positive environment and enhancing the lives of its people. The message was clear: happiness and wellbeing are essential factors in the progress of a nation, and the UAE was ready to lead by example.

Creating Ripples of Happiness

The Ministry of Happiness & Wellbeing has been a driving force behind a series of nationwide initiatives designed to bring joy to the people of the UAE. These efforts touch every aspect of life, from physical and emotional wellbeing to personal development and community engagement.

One of the ministry’s key projects is the National Happiness and Positivity Programme. This strategic framework aims to raise happiness levels across the country, focusing on three pillars: individual happiness, positive social environments, and empowering government institutions.

The individual happiness pillar encourages people to take responsibility for their own wellbeing by promoting practices like mindfulness, gratitude, and empathy. Programs such as the Happiness Patrol, where police officers surprise citizens with small acts of kindness, have brought smiles to people’s faces and inspired a new outlook on life.

Under the positive social environments pillar, the Ministry has made it their mission to create spaces that foster happiness and wellbeing. The introduction of wellbeing and happiness indicators in the design and planning of urban spaces has resulted in vibrant, lively areas where people can connect and thrive.

Finally, the empowering government institutions pillar ensures that policies and procedures align with the happiness objectives of the country. The Ministry of Happiness & Wellbeing has introduced the Happiness and Wellbeing Councils in various government departments, with a mandate to identify opportunities for improvement and to share best practices.

A Brighter Future

The UAE’s pioneering appointment of a Minister of Happiness & Wellbeing has captured the attention of the world. As a result, other nations are beginning to follow suit, seeking ways to prioritize happiness in their own territories. Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness index and New Zealand’s Wellbeing Budget are just two examples of how the idea of placing happiness at the core of policy-making is gaining momentum.

By prioritizing happiness and wellbeing, the UAE has not only enhanced the lives of its citizens but also inspired a global conversation on the importance of human-centered development. The nation’s commitment to fostering a positive environment serves as a shining example of what can be achieved when happiness takes center stage.


The UAE’s Minister of Happiness & Wellbeing is a testament to the power of thinking differently and embracing a more human-centric approach to governance. This pioneering move has shown the world that when happiness and wellbeing become the driving force of a nation, the possibilities for a brighter, more joyful future are endless.