In Search of the Workout-life Balance

The numbers tell a story that could leave us feeling disheartened, but for the sake of Happiness Camp, let’s turn that frown upside down and say instead: There’s immense potential to do better. With this optimism, we look at the data presented in the report “Custo do Stress e dos Problemas de Saúde Psicológica no Trabalho”, published by the Order of Portuguese Psychologists. Besides the significant disruptions in team balance and the high human cost, stress comes with a hefty price tag: 5.3 million euros every year.

Physical exercise and sports are effective ways to combat stress and anxiety. In the same study, an increase in physical activity was linked to a decrease in negative symptoms. The workplace is often one of the main sources of stress. It is, therefore, up to companies to promote a truly healthy, happy environment that helps each individual find their work-life balance. Or as we like to say: their Workout – Life – Balance.

A new sport each day, keeps the doctor away 

Who wouldn’t enjoy working in a place where everyone is more active, healthier, with a stronger team spirit, more positive competition, and better cooperation? In a study we conducted in 2022 with OnStrategy, we discovered that more then ever, the Portuguese are interested in starting a regular sports activity. Companies are not yet keeping up with this trend, as 70% of employees stated that their company did not offer sufficient support, and only 10% of the companies said claimed to provide 100% support for their employees’ sports activities.

It’s time to get companies moving and create fun, creative, sporty, and productive lifestyles. We know stress is so expensive, but feeling happy at work is priceless.

About Urban Sports Club

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By: Urban Sports Club