Passionate People, Healthy organizations

It is a pleasure to be part of this great event at Happiness Camp in 2023!

PULSO EUROPE PORTUGAL, a specialized consultancy company in the field of well-being, is delighted to be present at this initiative of sharing, interaction, and exchange among positive, motivated, and energetic individuals.

Over the past years, we have been sharing this positive energy with our clients, who have appreciated our dynamism, joy, and engagement in promoting the well-being of their employees and family members.

We assist organizations in developing and implementing their strategies through quality growth, fostering healthy and dynamic organizations, and providing tools for mental health and well-being services.

We are a passionate team dedicated to serving organizations, with a mission to infuse the spirit of “passionate people” into our clients, thus making them “healthy organizations.” This is our motto:


We take pride in making a difference in companies, helping them grow in a healthier way, and supporting them in reaching new levels of collective success!

By: Pulso