Matosinhos is sea all year round

Environment, Culture, Sports, Economy, Leisure, Gastronomy, Safety, Tradition

Life doesn’t come with instructions on how to live and be happy, but in Matosinhos it happens in a special way all year round: with unique sunsets seen from white sandy beaches, extraordinary flavours and the best fish in the world, the biggest pilgrimage in Portugal and paths to stroll along the seafront or the riverbank, good waves and good winds, remarkable art and architecture that is admired worldwide, centuries-old traditions, history and stories that have always connected us to the world, and all this side by side with the sea and the local people who make a point of staying here and whom everyone welcomes as “good neighbours of Matosinhos”.

And it is because of all this, and much more, that Matosinhos today offers everyone who lives, invests, works or visits here a transversal and multidimensional quality of life!

We pride ourselves on being welcoming and that’s why we invite everyone to make the most of this area, which is a sea of opportunities all year round. A dynamic and innovative territory from an economic point of view, with a privileged location, a seafront, and a riverfront with unique conditions. A city with a vast network of facilities, spaces and a complete and close global offer in key areas such as health and well-being, education, commerce, culture and public and private services, research, and development. A municipality with urban spaces that invite the use of soft mobility, a seaport that connects us to the world and a public transport network that connects us internally and externally to the entire municipality and the neighbouring municipalities of Greater Porto.

Boosting the current growth dynamic, accompanying, and improving the existing offer in terms of the quality and sustainability of the infrastructures, the quality of the urban space and the activities and experience of the city, is the strategy in progress with our eyes set on a future that is already tomorrow and in which Matosinhos will always be the sea all year round.

by: CMM