Make It Happy: and enter the amazing world of the Happy Awards®

Make it Happy is the tagline of the Happy Awards®️.
Moreover, make it happy is part of ConsumerChoice’s DNA, the promoter of this happiness evaluation system. With a unique methodology, scrutinises the satisfaction of organisations’ employees, customers and suppliers and provides them with a set of data to be used strategically across leadership.

We want to invite you to enter the amazing world of the Happy Awards®️
Are you ready? 
Important note: this is aimed for the brave ones only and for those who genuinely want to bring happiness to their employees, their customers and their suppliers, since no one can be left behind when evaluating the happiness of an organization. An organization or a company does not live independently from its stakeholders. We see an organization as a whole. How can an entity be considered happy, when its suppliers are not happy for example due to continuous delays in payment deadlines? This is just an example of what can come up in the preparation process for the Happy Awards®️.
Trust us, entering the world of the Happy Awards is an amazing trip and a unique experience into the dungeons of your organisation. An opportunity of a seamless self-analysis and a chance to really become aware of what you are doing well and what you can still improve. 

We ask you again: are you ready?
In case your company joins the amazing world of the Happy Awards®️, you will go through a reliable and breakthrough evaluation process. 
That’s what happened to the winners of the first edition: RE/MAX, Alberto Oculista, A Casa das Casas, Pinto Lopes Viagens, Associação Salvador and Zome, whose stakeholders are extremely happy (average of 5 on a scale from 1 to 5). 

The outputs of this study are outstanding and of great value for different departments within the organization. We evaluate not only the happiness and satisfaction of your employees, customers and suppliers. 
We go further: we scrutinise the importance of each evaluation parameter and you can realize, for instance, that people are not satisfied with their salary package, but also that this fact is not of great importance. Intriguing, right? Maybe they prefer the company to  invest in emotional salary rather than in increasing the wages… 😉 
We go even further when evaluating the happiness of the employees, we focus on the 3 dimensions of happiness: individual, the team and in the organisation.

So, are you making it happy? 
If yes, contact us:

Teresa Preta
Managing Director, ConsumerChoice

Teresa Preta
Managing Director, ConsumerChoice