How HXM Analytics Revolutionizes Workforce Management and Boosts Company Efficiency

No company can function at maximum efficiency when only half of its employees are motivated. A company is essentially comprised of its people.

But what compels them? What inspires them? What brings them joy? What discourages them from leaving?

Companies consistently require new hires who can enhance performance, which often entails a lengthy process and associated expenses.

What if we could evaluate an employee’s profile right from the beginning, during the selection and recruitment phase?

What if we could forecast and gauge the satisfaction levels of those who are already part of the organization?

What if we could anticipate the likelihood of an employee choosing to leave the organization voluntarily?

Yes, it is possible!

With our insights, you’ll have the ability to attract and retain top-notch professionals, all while reducing costs for the company.

When we emphasize the importance of placing people at the centre of our business, humanizing human resources, and forging a robust connection between the company and its workforce, we’re referring to HXM Analytics – Human Experience Management Analytics.


An expert analytics team has created models equipped with algorithms that analyse and correlate this wealth of data, allowing them to forecast multiple metrics, including happiness, engagement, and the probability of employee turnover, among various others. Employees are categorized into Personas, which are linked to their journey within the company, starting from the moment they onboard.

Through the integration of analytical models within the HXM database, one can compute the level of engagement and the likelihood of attrition based on different Personas. If this issue is prevalent among companies, HXM Analytics forms a component of the solution.

With the passage of time, motivations and behaviours may evolve. HXM Analytics is capable of analysing and forecasting these impending changes.

What if you could foresee your employees’ future?

Tomorrow might just become today.

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