Credibom gives credit to the happiness of its employees!

Corporate Happiness, what are the goals? Corporate Happiness has the main goal of creating meaningful workplaces. All are leaders in their role, fostering positive cultures that generate talent, impact and purpose.

The professional dimension takes a large part of our daily lives and time. The corporate world has witnessed a paradigm shift in the way we see the role of work in our lives. Nowadays, the new generations want work to be an extension of who they are.

Banco Credibom has invested in the development of several internal initiatives that promote the well-being and happiness of employees in the organization. Credibom’s strategy, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), aims to develop a work environment and an organization that promotes the daily happiness of its employees. The distinction of the Great Place to Work and Best Workplace 2023 awards demonstrate the positive impact of this continuous process that has been developed.

Through initiatives such as Fruit Time, the celebration of employees’ birthdays, Breakfast with CEO, podcast “Ask the CEO” and, more recently, the reformulation of the layout of Credibom’s offices in Porto Salvo and Porto, the organization has worked to promote the happiness of its employees. In addition, Credibom through the Internal Communication area, recently launched the “Happiness Program”, which aims to promote and measure the company’s corporate happiness, putting people at the center. Gilbert Ranoux, CEO of Banco Credibom, highlights the importance of corporate happiness for the overall success of the organization: “We believe that, by creating work cultures that inspire a common purpose, through simplicity, we will enhance the levels of commitment and well-being of employees. Leadership 2.0 promotes a set of human skills that bring out the best in employees. This common purpose, as a team, is fully aligned with our Raison d´être: to win the preference of customers and partners through the simplicity and joy of working with us.”

Credibom will be present at the Happiness Camp 2023, which will take place at Alfândega do Porto, and will have a space in the Smile Hub to share the good practices that have been developed to promote happiness in the organization: Credibom, Happy days, everyday 

Come and join us at the Happiness Camp 2023!

By: Credibom