My experience at Heartcount has given me a deep appreciation for the profound significance of workplace happiness. Heartcount’s impact extended beyond our organization, catching the attention of Lionesa Hub and securing us an invitation to last year’s amazing Happiness camp. Imagine this: I stood at the forefront in Porto, engaging with like-minded individuals and exchanging insights on measuring workplace joy. It was a blast! But here’s the pivotal question: Can we truly measure it?

Believe it or not, we can!

Workplace happiness encompasses a spectrum of facets, including job satisfaction, work-life balance, employee engagement, a sense of purpose, relationships with management and colleagues, and more. However, the subjective nature of happiness presents a challenge. What brings joy to one employee might cause stress to another. Furthermore, employees may only sometimes express their genuine feelings due to concerns about consequences or a desire to present themselves positively. Thus, we must exercise caution when interpreting their feedback.

The key to obtaining authentic responses lies in collecting real-time data. This approach enables HR teams and company leadership to gain a comprehensive overview of individual and collective sentiment on a monthly or quarterly basis. Why does an organization’s focus on employee contentment matter? It ensures a lower turnover rate, higher retention, reduced burnout, and overall happier individuals!

A precise method of measurement involves gathering employee feedback through an automated tool. Its algorithm provides instant updates across several crucial areas, predicting and reflecting emotional exhaustion, motivation, engagement, and happiness. Moreover, it highlights individuals warranting attention, identifies areas of challenge, and pinpoints strengths and weaknesses within the organization. Real-time reports empower HR teams and management to optimize their efforts efficiently, resulting in timely decisions and elevated company success.
If you’re interested in delving into success stories from companies centered around their people, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I would love to share these stories with you.

/ by Milica Jovic, Heartcount

In the vibrant backdrop of Europe’s largest corporate happiness conference, the Happiness Camp Awards unfolded, a ceremony that celebrated remarkable enterprises and personalities who have championed the cause of corporate happiness. Let us delve deeper into this grand celebration of joy and innovation.

The Ceremony

Under the vibrant leadership of Madalena Carey, Director at Happiness Business School, the ceremony was a grand affair, a testament to the spirit of joy and innovation in the corporate world. The jury panel, a blend of expertise and experience, played a pivotal role in steering the event to success. The panel comprised:

• Ricardo Costa, CEO at Grupo Bernardo da Costa, bringing a rich corporate perspective to the panel.

• Inês Vaz Pereira, Senior Partner People Advisory Services at EY, lending her expertise in people advisory.

• Dora Martins, Head of the Masters in HR & Development at ISCAP, offering a deep understanding of HR dynamics.

The Awards: A Closer Look at the Criteria

The awards were grounded on key criteria, focusing on holistic commitments to fostering happy work environments, inclusivity, and sustainable practices. The jury sought projects demonstrating tangible improvements in employee engagement, productivity, and overall satisfaction.

The Finalists: A Beacon of Joy and Innovation

Let’s shine a spotlight on the finalists who have showcased remarkable efforts in their respective fields:

Happiness Ambassadors

• Frans Klassen, CC Manager Operational Excellence at SHELL INTERNATIONAL, initiated a special program to uplift refugees in the Netherlands, focusing on job security, a core pillar of happiness. His approach to nurturing talent through upskilling and promoting work-life balance stood out prominently.

• Ana Baldaia, Co-founder of Happysoul, has been a force of positivity, promoting a harmonious balance between professional and personal life, and fostering a culture of care and joy in the corporate landscape.

Happiness Innovators

• Critical TechWorks, a venture between BMW Group and Critical Group, has been a frontrunner in promoting happiness at work through various initiatives such as Happy Hours, Happiness at Work Week, and a unique Volunteering Program, emphasizing personal development and social responsibility.

• Retail Consult, a technology solution leader in the retail industry, introduced the Wellness@Work Project, addressing major happiness pillars including emotional, physical, social, and financial well-being through a series of programs and initiatives.

• Klöckner Pentaplast (KP), a global leader in packaging, introduced signature initiatives like the Happiness Workshop and Career Ownership Program, fostering a culture of growth, fulfillment, and togetherness.

The Champions of Happiness

After a meticulous evaluation based on the stringent criteria, the champions emerged:

Happiness Ambassador: 

Frans Klassen, for his empathetic and innovative approach to fostering happiness through job security and personal growth.

Happiness Innovator: 

Critical TechWorks, for their holistic approach to promoting happiness at work, emphasizing personal growth and social responsibility.


As we wrap up this joyous recount, we extend our heartiest congratulations to Frans Klassen and Critical TechWorks, the deserving winners, and applaud the incredible efforts of all the finalists.

Through the Happiness Camp Awards, we have witnessed the harmonious blend of innovation and joy, setting a benchmark for corporate happiness. Here’s to the champions who have shown that the path to success is paved with happiness and well-being.