Happiness Camp Awards 2023 Winners


Happiness Ambassador Winner 2023

We are thrilled to announce Frans Klassen as the winner of the Happiness Ambassador category at the Happiness Camp Awards. As the CC Manager Operational Excellence at SHELL INTERNATIONAL, Frans has showcased exemplary leadership and vision. Recognizing the challenges faced by refugees in the Netherlands, he pioneered an innovative talent program, focusing on job security as a cornerstone of happiness. By inviting talented individuals with refugee backgrounds to participate, he not only addressed their technical upskilling but also emphasized soft skills, work-life balance, and overall well-being. His initiative has transformed lives, turning participants into colleagues and fostering a culture of happiness and balance at Shell. Frans’s commitment to well-being, combined with his innovative approach to societal challenges, truly embodies the spirit of the Happiness Camp Awards. Congratulations, Frans, for making a difference and championing happiness in the corporate world!


Happiness Innovator Winner 2023

We are elated to present Critical TechWorks as the distinguished winner of the Happiness Innovators category at the Happiness Camp Awards. Born from a dynamic partnership between BMW Group and Critical Group, Critical TechWorks has been at the forefront of driving happiness in the corporate landscape. Their dedication goes beyond just technological transformation; they have crafted a workplace where happiness is integral. With initiatives like the “Happy Hours,” “Happiness at Work Week,” and a unique “Volunteering Program,” they have seamlessly integrated joy, personal growth, and social responsibility into their organizational fabric. Their mission to change the way the world moves is not just about impactful software products but also about creating joyful and meaningful work experiences. Congratulations, Critical TechWorks, for setting a gold standard in fostering happiness at work!

Happiness Camp Awards

Introducing the Happiness Camp Awards 2023, where we celebrate outstanding Enterprises and Personalities that have made remarkable contributions to corporate happiness. In partnership with EY, we’re searching for the trailblazers who have transformed workplaces through innovative approaches, all while prioritizing employee well-being and happiness.

This year, our esteemed jury will focus on projects that demonstrate a holistic commitment to fostering happy work environments, inclusivity, and sustainable practices. We’ll be awarding those who have made tangible improvements in employee engagement, productivity, and overall satisfaction.

Can happiness at work change the world? We believe it can. Inspire your peers and get inspired by submitting your entry for the Happiness Camp Awards 2023. It’s time to showcase how your initiatives are making a real difference in the pursuit of happier working cultures.

We aim to recognize the best projects, which is why we´ve made it accessible for everyone to apply, with no cost associated.

Ready to join the ranks of the happiness champions? Apply now and let your remarkable achievements shine in the spotlight.

More about applications here and full rules and regulations here.

Applications ended on June 30th, 2023.

Key Criteria

  1. Positive impact on employee well-being and happiness
  2. Innovative approaches to fostering a happy workplace culture
  3. Demonstrated commitment to work-life balance and employee satisfaction
  4. Strong leadership promoting corporate happiness values
  5. Effective communication and collaboration within the organization
  6. Integration of the project within its environment and community
  7. The originality of the concept or initiative
  8. Sustainable and scalable practices for long-term employee happiness
  9. Tangible improvements in employee engagement and productivity
  10. Inclusivity and diversity in the workplace

Awards Categories

Learn more about the different categories below:

Happiness Innovators

In this category, we honour companies that have demonstrated a strong commitment to fostering happiness, well-being, and satisfaction among their employees. These organizations have gone the extra mile to create inclusive, engaging, and uplifting work environments where employees thrive, and happiness is at the core of their success.

Happiness Ambassadors

This one’s for the personalities who have gone above and beyond to champion happiness at work! We’re looking for inspiring leaders, motivational speakers, or HR professionals who have dedicated their careers to transforming work cultures, advocating for employee well-being, and spreading the message of happiness in the corporate world. Personal applications are not allowed in this category – all submissions must be nominations.