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Unlocking Workplace Happiness: The Power of Real-time Measurement

My experience at Heartcount has given me a deep appreciation for the profound significance of workplace happiness. Heartcount’s impact extended beyond our organization, catching the attention of Lionesa Hub and securing us an invitation to last year’s amazing Happiness camp. Imagine this: I stood at the forefront in Porto, engaging with like-minded individuals and exchanging […]

Happiness and Profitability

The most important success factor for a modern workplace is strategy or planning or business processes – it’s happiness! Happy employees are not simply in a better mood, they also do a much better job. Studies from psychology and neurology have shown that people who experience positive emotions experience a number of benefits at work, […]

Happiness Camp Awards: Where Innovation Meets Joy

In the vibrant backdrop of Europe’s largest corporate happiness conference, the Happiness Camp Awards unfolded, a ceremony that celebrated remarkable enterprises and personalities who have championed the cause of corporate happiness. Let us delve deeper into this grand celebration of joy and innovation. The Ceremony Under the vibrant leadership of Madalena Carey, Director at Happiness Business School, […]

Matosinhos is sea all year round

Environment, Culture, Sports, Economy, Leisure, Gastronomy, Safety, Tradition Life doesn’t come with instructions on how to live and be happy, but in Matosinhos it happens in a special way all year round: with unique sunsets seen from white sandy beaches, extraordinary flavours and the best fish in the world, the biggest pilgrimage in Portugal and […]

Passionate People, Healthy organizations

It is a pleasure to be part of this great event at Happiness Camp in 2023! PULSO EUROPE PORTUGAL, a specialized consultancy company in the field of well-being, is delighted to be present at this initiative of sharing, interaction, and exchange among positive, motivated, and energetic individuals. Over the past years, we have been sharing […]

Happy Planet, Happy People!

We believe people are part of nature and that they must therefore be part of the solution to tackle climate change and reverse the loss of biodiversity. At ANP|WWF, our mission is to build a future in which people and nature live in harmony. That’s why, when Lionesa Business Hub challenged us to take part […]

Make It Happy: and enter the amazing world of the Happy Awards®

Make it Happy is the tagline of the Happy Awards®️.Moreover, make it happy is part of ConsumerChoice’s DNA, the promoter of this happiness evaluation system. With a unique methodology, scrutinises the satisfaction of organisations’ employees, customers and suppliers and provides them with a set of data to be used strategically across leadership. We want to […]

In Search of the Workout-life Balance

The numbers tell a story that could leave us feeling disheartened, but for the sake of Happiness Camp, let’s turn that frown upside down and say instead: There’s immense potential to do better. With this optimism, we look at the data presented in the report “Custo do Stress e dos Problemas de Saúde Psicológica no […]

Credibom gives credit to the happiness of its employees!

Corporate Happiness, what are the goals? Corporate Happiness has the main goal of creating meaningful workplaces. All are leaders in their role, fostering positive cultures that generate talent, impact and purpose. The professional dimension takes a large part of our daily lives and time. The corporate world has witnessed a paradigm shift in the way […]