Why attend
Happiness Camp?

Why Happiness Camp makes sense?


Empower yourself at Happiness Camp, and walk away with more than just inspiration! We understand the corporate world, so this year, we’re introducing the official Happiness Camp Certificate. Attend our event, and you’ll be eligible to request this prestigious credential, with the stamp of the Happiness Business School. Think of it as official training with official creds—boost your happiness know-how and your resume, all in one go!



Get ready to connect like never before at Happiness Camp! With over 6,000 attendees from 12 nationalities, our event offers a plethora of activities designed to fuel synergies and interpersonal relationships. Dive into our Joyful Pitstop, where teambuilding and icebreakers will help you bond with fellow attendees. The Happiness Camp App makes it a breeze to meet others, instantly connect, and schedule meetings with interesting stands. Our festival-style conference breaks down barriers for seamless networking, and don’t forget the Sunset Shenanigans, a dopamine-packed party to end the day on a high note. Let the connections begin!

Free access

At Happiness Camp, we believe that everyone should have access to knowledge and insights that can help them create happier workplaces. That’s why we’re pleased to offer free entrance to our event. Join us for an immersive experience that will inspire you to cultivate positive and productive work environments. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover new ways to bring happiness to your workplace, without any financial burden.


Skill-Building & Growth

Eager to elevate your learning and development? Happiness Camp has got you covered! With two stages—one for all things corporate happiness, and another for niche topics—you’ll gain insights and strategies for building a joyful work culture. And that’s not all! Our hands-on masterclasses and carefully curated stands, featuring HR professionals, will empower you with practical skills and real-life case studies. Get ready to go back to work as a happiness champion!


Our team-building workshops, alongside Team Dynamics, are designed to enhance communication, build trust, and improve workplace happiness. Led by experienced facilitators, our fun and interactive activities will empower your team to work more efficiently and effectively while fostering a positive and engaging work culture.

Inspiring content

Looking for a spark to fuel your passion for workplace happiness? Happiness Camp is the perfect place to find it! Our event is brimming with inspiring content, featuring thought-provoking talks, engaging masterclasses, and real-life success stories. With an electric atmosphere and attendees from all walks of life, you’ll find endless opportunities to learn, grow, and network. So, whether you’re after new skills, strategies, or connections, Happiness Camp has got you covered. Let’s get inspired together!

Convince your boss & peers!

Need some help convincing your boss to let you attend Happiness Camp? We’ve got your back! Our event is designed to boost your skills, knowledge, and network, all while having a blast. And we know that when you’re happier, your workplace thrives too. So, let’s show your boss why Happiness Camp is the ticket to a more productive, joy-filled team.

Plus, attending Happiness Camp will give your team the opportunity to step away from the office and recharge their batteries, which can lead to improved mental health and overall well-being.

Ready to make your pitch? Hit the button below to download our tailor-made pitch deck, packed with all the convincing reasons your boss needs to give you the green light. Let’s get you to Happiness Camp!

What attendees say

“Happiness Camp brought together various companies to discuss the topic of happiness at work and fostered significant networking moments within the business community. The sharing of experiences and the debate were enriching, and the social and cultural aspect of the event itself also contributed to creating moments of connection between employees from different companies and the local community.”

“To live the Happiness Camp made us realize that the winds of change in the corporate world began to blow… what a contagious energy we felt on that day!”

“I felt part of a movement people-centric, completely devoted to promote happiness in all its dimensions. In a space that in itself appeals to happiness, with every detail properly thought out and worked on by a very dedicated and warm team. An experience to repeat!”

Attendee perks

Did you know you’re in for a treat with a whole array of exclusive perks? That’s right! We’ve partnered with local businesses to bring you sweet deals and discounts on everything from transportation to hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions. Plus, we’ve even scored you discounts on happiness-boosting services to level up your joy game.

Ready to indulge in all the fabulous perks waiting just for you? Dive in and make the most of your Happiness Camp experience!

Boeira Garden Hotel

15% discount + breakfast

Yotel Porto

20% discount on all fares

Livraria Lello

Free entrance

Happiness Business School

-35% on all courses

Comboios de Portugal

30% discount on IC/IR/R train journeys for event attendees. Valid from September 13th to 15th, upon presentation of the Happiness Camp ticket.
€2 discount on round-trip Urbanos do Porto train journeys on September 14th, heading to Porto S. Bento, also with presentation of the Happiness Camp ticket.


10% off to travel with FlixBus busses from all over Europe to Porto!
Happiness Camp attendees have also access to use the special Shuttle between Terminal Intermodal de Campanhã and Alfândega do Porto!

Real by Casa da Calçada

For LUNCH: Offer a beverage (water, juice, or a glass of wine) and coffee in the lunch suggestions (which cost 18€ for 2 courses or 21€ for 3 courses).

For DINNER: Offer a bottle of Portal da Calçada wine.

Oficina da Psicologia

Individual Psychotherapy sessions for only €39 per session.

2-Hour Workshops – Practical actions to prevent burnout or Detecting and talking about psychological difficulties at work for only €395.

Casa Januário

15% discount offered upon presentation of the HC badge.

Renaissance Porto Hotel

Special Group Rate for Happiness Camp attendees between 14 – 17 september 2023 for bookings until 14 july 2023. For 185€ to 305€ per night.

Future Works

This exclusive discount provides a remarkable opportunity to join industry leaders, visionaries, and professionals from various fields as they explore the evolving landscape of work and innovation.

Secure your spot and unlock a world of possibilities at Future.Works with our special 30% discount.

Feel Porto

20% discount code for bookings made between 13/09 and 15/09 – the code is HAPPY23.

Useful information

Event Location

Alfândega do Porto
Porto, Portugal

Date & Hours

September 14th
Accreditation: 8:30 – 15:00
Happiness Camp Agenda: Starts at 9:00

Antecipated registration

NorteShopping: 11 and 12 September
10:00 – 23:00

Lionesa Business Hub: 13 September
12:00 – 21:00

Happiness Camp – Day accreditation: 14 September
8:30 – 15:00

Dress Code

Wondering what to wear at Happiness Camp? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s our suggested dress code: Informal yet professional. Think smart-casual outfits, such as dressy jeans paired with a stylish top, khakis with a crisp button-down shirt, or a chic dress with comfortable shoes. The key is to feel at ease while still looking polished and ready for networking.

Map of Happiness Camp 2023

How to Get?


Porto has an extensive bus network that connects the city center with the surrounding areas. A single bus ticket costs 1.50 euros, and can be purchased on board the bus.

Official website of the Porto bus network: http://www.stcp.pt/en/

Information on tickets and fares: http://www.stcp.pt/en/tickets-and-fares/ticket-types/

FlixBus attendee perk:

– 10% off on all buses with destination to Porto
– There will be a free e-shuttle from the Campanha Bus Station to Happiness Camp: 08h30 – 10h30 | 20h00 – 22h00

Find out more under the “Perks” section of the Happiness Camp App



Planning to come by train? We have partnered up with the folks at CP – Comboios de Portugal, to make life easier for you:

– 30% off on all IntercidadesInterregional & Regional train trips
– 2€ discount on all round-trip journeys on Comboios Suburbanos do Porto

Find out more under the “Perks” section of the Happiness Camp App.


The tram network in Porto is limited but can be a fun and scenic way to get around. A single tram ticket costs 3 euros, and can be purchased on board the tram.

Official website of the historic trams in Porto: http://www.stcp.pt/en/tourist-lines/

Information on tickets and fares: http://www.stcp.pt/en/tickets-and-fares/ticket-types/tourist-tickets/


Porto has a metro system with six lines that cover most of the city. A single metro ticket costs 1.50 euros, and can be purchased at the ticket machines in each station.

Official website of the Porto metro system: https://en.metrodoporto.pt/

Information on tickets and fares: https://en.metrodoporto.pt/pagegen.asp?SYS_PAGE_ID=1469450&cboui=1469450


To save money on public transport in Porto, you can purchase a rechargeable Andante card, which allows you to load credit and use it for multiple trips on different modes of transport.

Official website of the Andante card: https://www.linhandante.com/en/

Information on where to buy Andante card: https://www.linhandante.com/en/where-to-buy/

Information on Andante tickets and fares: https://www.linhandante.com/en/tickets-fares/


Driving to Happiness Camp? No worries, we’ve got your parking needs covered! We’ve identified two convenient parking lots nearby to ensure you have a hassle-free experience:

Parque Estacionamento Alfandega do Porto:

Parque Estacionamento Saba Ribeira: