In the vibrant backdrop of Europe’s largest corporate happiness conference, the Happiness Camp Awards unfolded, a ceremony that celebrated remarkable enterprises and personalities who have championed the cause of corporate happiness. Let us delve deeper into this grand celebration of joy and innovation.

The Ceremony

Under the vibrant leadership of Madalena Carey, Director at Happiness Business School, the ceremony was a grand affair, a testament to the spirit of joy and innovation in the corporate world. The jury panel, a blend of expertise and experience, played a pivotal role in steering the event to success. The panel comprised:

• Ricardo Costa, CEO at Grupo Bernardo da Costa, bringing a rich corporate perspective to the panel.

• Inês Vaz Pereira, Senior Partner People Advisory Services at EY, lending her expertise in people advisory.

• Dora Martins, Head of the Masters in HR & Development at ISCAP, offering a deep understanding of HR dynamics.

The Awards: A Closer Look at the Criteria

The awards were grounded on key criteria, focusing on holistic commitments to fostering happy work environments, inclusivity, and sustainable practices. The jury sought projects demonstrating tangible improvements in employee engagement, productivity, and overall satisfaction.

The Finalists: A Beacon of Joy and Innovation

Let’s shine a spotlight on the finalists who have showcased remarkable efforts in their respective fields:

Happiness Ambassadors

• Frans Klassen, CC Manager Operational Excellence at SHELL INTERNATIONAL, initiated a special program to uplift refugees in the Netherlands, focusing on job security, a core pillar of happiness. His approach to nurturing talent through upskilling and promoting work-life balance stood out prominently.

• Ana Baldaia, Co-founder of Happysoul, has been a force of positivity, promoting a harmonious balance between professional and personal life, and fostering a culture of care and joy in the corporate landscape.

Happiness Innovators

• Critical TechWorks, a venture between BMW Group and Critical Group, has been a frontrunner in promoting happiness at work through various initiatives such as Happy Hours, Happiness at Work Week, and a unique Volunteering Program, emphasizing personal development and social responsibility.

• Retail Consult, a technology solution leader in the retail industry, introduced the Wellness@Work Project, addressing major happiness pillars including emotional, physical, social, and financial well-being through a series of programs and initiatives.

• Klöckner Pentaplast (KP), a global leader in packaging, introduced signature initiatives like the Happiness Workshop and Career Ownership Program, fostering a culture of growth, fulfillment, and togetherness.

The Champions of Happiness

After a meticulous evaluation based on the stringent criteria, the champions emerged:

Happiness Ambassador: 

Frans Klassen, for his empathetic and innovative approach to fostering happiness through job security and personal growth.

Happiness Innovator: 

Critical TechWorks, for their holistic approach to promoting happiness at work, emphasizing personal growth and social responsibility.


As we wrap up this joyous recount, we extend our heartiest congratulations to Frans Klassen and Critical TechWorks, the deserving winners, and applaud the incredible efforts of all the finalists.

Through the Happiness Camp Awards, we have witnessed the harmonious blend of innovation and joy, setting a benchmark for corporate happiness. Here’s to the champions who have shown that the path to success is paved with happiness and well-being.

Environment, Culture, Sports, Economy, Leisure, Gastronomy, Safety, Tradition

Life doesn’t come with instructions on how to live and be happy, but in Matosinhos it happens in a special way all year round: with unique sunsets seen from white sandy beaches, extraordinary flavours and the best fish in the world, the biggest pilgrimage in Portugal and paths to stroll along the seafront or the riverbank, good waves and good winds, remarkable art and architecture that is admired worldwide, centuries-old traditions, history and stories that have always connected us to the world, and all this side by side with the sea and the local people who make a point of staying here and whom everyone welcomes as “good neighbours of Matosinhos”.

And it is because of all this, and much more, that Matosinhos today offers everyone who lives, invests, works or visits here a transversal and multidimensional quality of life!

We pride ourselves on being welcoming and that’s why we invite everyone to make the most of this area, which is a sea of opportunities all year round. A dynamic and innovative territory from an economic point of view, with a privileged location, a seafront, and a riverfront with unique conditions. A city with a vast network of facilities, spaces and a complete and close global offer in key areas such as health and well-being, education, commerce, culture and public and private services, research, and development. A municipality with urban spaces that invite the use of soft mobility, a seaport that connects us to the world and a public transport network that connects us internally and externally to the entire municipality and the neighbouring municipalities of Greater Porto.

Boosting the current growth dynamic, accompanying, and improving the existing offer in terms of the quality and sustainability of the infrastructures, the quality of the urban space and the activities and experience of the city, is the strategy in progress with our eyes set on a future that is already tomorrow and in which Matosinhos will always be the sea all year round.

by: CMM

No company can function at maximum efficiency when only half of its employees are motivated. A company is essentially comprised of its people.

But what compels them? What inspires them? What brings them joy? What discourages them from leaving?

Companies consistently require new hires who can enhance performance, which often entails a lengthy process and associated expenses.

What if we could evaluate an employee’s profile right from the beginning, during the selection and recruitment phase?

What if we could forecast and gauge the satisfaction levels of those who are already part of the organization?

What if we could anticipate the likelihood of an employee choosing to leave the organization voluntarily?

Yes, it is possible!

With our insights, you’ll have the ability to attract and retain top-notch professionals, all while reducing costs for the company.

When we emphasize the importance of placing people at the centre of our business, humanizing human resources, and forging a robust connection between the company and its workforce, we’re referring to HXM Analytics – Human Experience Management Analytics.


An expert analytics team has created models equipped with algorithms that analyse and correlate this wealth of data, allowing them to forecast multiple metrics, including happiness, engagement, and the probability of employee turnover, among various others. Employees are categorized into Personas, which are linked to their journey within the company, starting from the moment they onboard.

Through the integration of analytical models within the HXM database, one can compute the level of engagement and the likelihood of attrition based on different Personas. If this issue is prevalent among companies, HXM Analytics forms a component of the solution.

With the passage of time, motivations and behaviours may evolve. HXM Analytics is capable of analysing and forecasting these impending changes.

What if you could foresee your employees’ future?

Tomorrow might just become today.

About Milestone

Milestone presents a wide range of consulting services and technological solutions to support our clients’ digital transformation closely and effectively. We Build Relationships. We deliver Results.

Our mission is to create a positive impact for our customers and a better future for our employees through agility, innovation, and technology.  

Our vision is to be recognized as best-in-class by our customers and partners, allowing us to attract the best talent.  

We are experts in technology and knowledgeable about our customers’ businesses.  

It is a pleasure to be part of this great event at Happiness Camp in 2023!

PULSO EUROPE PORTUGAL, a specialized consultancy company in the field of well-being, is delighted to be present at this initiative of sharing, interaction, and exchange among positive, motivated, and energetic individuals.

Over the past years, we have been sharing this positive energy with our clients, who have appreciated our dynamism, joy, and engagement in promoting the well-being of their employees and family members.

We assist organizations in developing and implementing their strategies through quality growth, fostering healthy and dynamic organizations, and providing tools for mental health and well-being services.

We are a passionate team dedicated to serving organizations, with a mission to infuse the spirit of “passionate people” into our clients, thus making them “healthy organizations.” This is our motto:


We take pride in making a difference in companies, helping them grow in a healthier way, and supporting them in reaching new levels of collective success!

By: Pulso

We believe people are part of nature and that they must therefore be part of the solution to tackle climate change and reverse the loss of biodiversity. At ANP|WWF, our mission is to build a future in which people and nature live in harmony.

That’s why, when Lionesa Business Hub challenged us to take part in the Happiness Camp, we didn’t think twice! We celebrate and respect diversity in nature and among the people and communities we work with every day for a healthier and fairer planet.

Happiness can be a difficult concept to explain, as it represents different things in each person’s life. But let’s face it: there is always unanimity when we talk about protected species and ecosystems. If we make our planet a happy place, people will be happy too!

At ANP|WWF we advocate a culture of well-being, respect, and integrity among all people. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to change mentalities, involving our team and all those who support us in our mission, and encouraging everyone to bring their whole selves to work on a daily basis.

Why do we do this? Because everything is interlinked with our nature conservation work: we want to live happily on a healthy planet!

Happy Jobs, Happy Sustainable Food, Happy Planet – is it possible to combine all these concepts into one? We believe so! Our motto for Happiness Camp 2023 will be sustainable food and the benefits it brings to people and the planet.

Will you accept the challenge?


Make it Happy is the tagline of the Happy Awards®️.
Moreover, make it happy is part of ConsumerChoice’s DNA, the promoter of this happiness evaluation system. With a unique methodology, scrutinises the satisfaction of organisations’ employees, customers and suppliers and provides them with a set of data to be used strategically across leadership.

We want to invite you to enter the amazing world of the Happy Awards®️
Are you ready? 
Important note: this is aimed for the brave ones only and for those who genuinely want to bring happiness to their employees, their customers and their suppliers, since no one can be left behind when evaluating the happiness of an organization. An organization or a company does not live independently from its stakeholders. We see an organization as a whole. How can an entity be considered happy, when its suppliers are not happy for example due to continuous delays in payment deadlines? This is just an example of what can come up in the preparation process for the Happy Awards®️.
Trust us, entering the world of the Happy Awards is an amazing trip and a unique experience into the dungeons of your organisation. An opportunity of a seamless self-analysis and a chance to really become aware of what you are doing well and what you can still improve. 

We ask you again: are you ready?
In case your company joins the amazing world of the Happy Awards®️, you will go through a reliable and breakthrough evaluation process. 
That’s what happened to the winners of the first edition: RE/MAX, Alberto Oculista, A Casa das Casas, Pinto Lopes Viagens, Associação Salvador and Zome, whose stakeholders are extremely happy (average of 5 on a scale from 1 to 5). 

The outputs of this study are outstanding and of great value for different departments within the organization. We evaluate not only the happiness and satisfaction of your employees, customers and suppliers. 
We go further: we scrutinise the importance of each evaluation parameter and you can realize, for instance, that people are not satisfied with their salary package, but also that this fact is not of great importance. Intriguing, right? Maybe they prefer the company to  invest in emotional salary rather than in increasing the wages… 😉 
We go even further when evaluating the happiness of the employees, we focus on the 3 dimensions of happiness: individual, the team and in the organisation.

So, are you making it happy? 
If yes, contact us:

Teresa Preta
Managing Director, ConsumerChoice

Teresa Preta
Managing Director, ConsumerChoice

The numbers tell a story that could leave us feeling disheartened, but for the sake of Happiness Camp, let’s turn that frown upside down and say instead: There’s immense potential to do better. With this optimism, we look at the data presented in the report “Custo do Stress e dos Problemas de Saúde Psicológica no Trabalho”, published by the Order of Portuguese Psychologists. Besides the significant disruptions in team balance and the high human cost, stress comes with a hefty price tag: 5.3 million euros every year.

Physical exercise and sports are effective ways to combat stress and anxiety. In the same study, an increase in physical activity was linked to a decrease in negative symptoms. The workplace is often one of the main sources of stress. It is, therefore, up to companies to promote a truly healthy, happy environment that helps each individual find their work-life balance. Or as we like to say: their Workout – Life – Balance.

A new sport each day, keeps the doctor away 

Who wouldn’t enjoy working in a place where everyone is more active, healthier, with a stronger team spirit, more positive competition, and better cooperation? In a study we conducted in 2022 with OnStrategy, we discovered that more then ever, the Portuguese are interested in starting a regular sports activity. Companies are not yet keeping up with this trend, as 70% of employees stated that their company did not offer sufficient support, and only 10% of the companies said claimed to provide 100% support for their employees’ sports activities.

It’s time to get companies moving and create fun, creative, sporty, and productive lifestyles. We know stress is so expensive, but feeling happy at work is priceless.

About Urban Sports Club

Urban Sports Club offers a monthly subscription with several options. Our mission is to inspire people to lead a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Members of Urban Sports Club can create a unique and diverse workout plan by choosing from over 50 sports and wellness activities, including fitness, swimming, yoga, climbing, team sports, massage, and more. With a single subscription, you can train at over 10,000 partner locations in Portugal, Germany, France, Spain and Belgium.

With the Dutch company OneFit, the Urban Sports Club group has over 12,000 partners in total. The most varied and flexible sports offering in Europe is also available as a corporate benefit for employees, allowing teams to train in studios, outdoors, on-demand and live online. Sports where, when, and whatever you want!

By: Urban Sports Club

Corporate Happiness, what are the goals? Corporate Happiness has the main goal of creating meaningful workplaces. All are leaders in their role, fostering positive cultures that generate talent, impact and purpose.

The professional dimension takes a large part of our daily lives and time. The corporate world has witnessed a paradigm shift in the way we see the role of work in our lives. Nowadays, the new generations want work to be an extension of who they are.

Banco Credibom has invested in the development of several internal initiatives that promote the well-being and happiness of employees in the organization. Credibom’s strategy, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), aims to develop a work environment and an organization that promotes the daily happiness of its employees. The distinction of the Great Place to Work and Best Workplace 2023 awards demonstrate the positive impact of this continuous process that has been developed.

Through initiatives such as Fruit Time, the celebration of employees’ birthdays, Breakfast with CEO, podcast “Ask the CEO” and, more recently, the reformulation of the layout of Credibom’s offices in Porto Salvo and Porto, the organization has worked to promote the happiness of its employees. In addition, Credibom through the Internal Communication area, recently launched the “Happiness Program”, which aims to promote and measure the company’s corporate happiness, putting people at the center. Gilbert Ranoux, CEO of Banco Credibom, highlights the importance of corporate happiness for the overall success of the organization: “We believe that, by creating work cultures that inspire a common purpose, through simplicity, we will enhance the levels of commitment and well-being of employees. Leadership 2.0 promotes a set of human skills that bring out the best in employees. This common purpose, as a team, is fully aligned with our Raison d´être: to win the preference of customers and partners through the simplicity and joy of working with us.”

Credibom will be present at the Happiness Camp 2023, which will take place at Alfândega do Porto, and will have a space in the Smile Hub to share the good practices that have been developed to promote happiness in the organization: Credibom, Happy days, everyday 

Come and join us at the Happiness Camp 2023!

By: Credibom